Snow Projection Effects

Use static gobos or combine an effects loop or gobos, color and either the GAM Film/FX or GAM SX4® to create an dynamic stylized snowy atmosphere.



Designed to be a companion to GAM's original TwinSpin, GAM Film/FX adds a continuous loop motion as opposed to the double rotation of the TwinSpin. The snap-in design, makes it easy to change the FX/Loop. The GAM Film/FXT fits into the iris slot of an Altman Shakespeare, ETC Source Four or Strand spotlight.



Convert any ETC Source Four spotlight into a scenic projector (or gobo changer) with the GAM SX4 ® system. The Loop Tray allows the use of over 30 GAM pattern loops for scenic projection including snow. Built for the heavier demands of theme parks, retail and architectural applications, the SX4 is extremely dependable. Speed and direction can be controlled from the Loop Tray, with built-in speed control and direction switch. The speed of the effects can also be controlled when the Loop Tray is plugged into a dimmer. For display applications, simply plug it into the main power and set your speed and direction; no light board is required.

Snow Loops

GAM Loops

(detail shown top to bottom at right)

  • Fairytale Snow (SX4 only)
  • Snow (Film/FX and SX4)
  • Heavy Snow (Film/FX and SX4)

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GAM Loops are available for purchase only. GAM Film/FX, GAM SX4 as well as Source Four spotlights are available for rental or purchase.

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