Plastic Snow FAQ

How is the plastic snow sold?

The snow is sold in 30lb boxes (shipping weight approximately 33lbs).

How much does it cost?

A 30lb box is $184.66 plus shipping.

What is the shipping weight? How much does it cost to ship the snow?

The shipping weight is approximately 33lb. Shipping costs depend on the ship-to location and method of shipping, but as an example (subject to change), FedEX ground to Seattle is approximately $43 and approximately $18 to Philadelphia.

What is the size of a plastic snow flake?

Plastic flakes are approximately 1/4"

Plastic Snowflakes

If used for ground cover or in a display, what is the coverage? (if spread to a specified depth how many square feet does it cover?)

1lb will cover an 18 square foot area to 1/2" deep.

What is the best way to create falling snow with the plastic snow?

Limelight's plastic snow flakes are compatible with either traditional snow cradles (bags) or Limelight's DMX snow machines.

How much does the DMX snow machine hold?

It may be possible to load as much as 10lbs of snow into the machine, but for a more consistent flow it is best not to fill the machine completely (ie pack it full). The ideal load for best performance is approximately 1-2lbs. Filling the hopper to full impedes the tumbling motion so the snow comes out slowly for a while and then more consistently as tumbling room is acquired.

If used in the dmx machine set at a moderate (middle) setting, approximately how long will a box of snow last?

Results may vary widely depending on the volume & speed, but a load of 1-2lbs may last approximately 15 minutes.

Can the snow be safely reused? (ie swept up and returned to the snow machine)

We strongly discourage reusing the snow. Would you sweep up dirt and debris off the floor and float it over your own head?

Is the snow flame retardant?

The snow is plastic, so it will melt under a sustained heat source. However, in our experience, it will not sustain a flame when the heat source is removed. in other words, it will not support combustion.

Is the plastic snow in stock for immediate shipment?

Under ideal circumstances we do keep a stock of the plastic snow and can typically ship same-day, however please note that demand for the snow tends to be quite heavy at certain times of the year (around the holiday production season) so we do advise ordering early.

How do I order plastic snow?

Telephone 1-800-243-4950.

Call 1.800.243.4950 /

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