Plastic Snow

Limelight Plastic Snow in 30 pound boxes is available for use in the DMX snow machine, snow cradles or other manual systems. Ideal for a snow drop or cradle, this snow floats like a dream.

Plastic Snowflakes
  • Plastic flakes are approximately 1/4"
  • Limelight's plastic snow will not sustain a flame, but like most plastics, this snow will melt under extreme heat.
  • 1lb of snow cover approximately 18 sq. ft. to a depth of 1/2".
  • SAFETY TIP - although it may be tempting to sweep up the snow that has fallen and reuse it, keep in mind that you will also be sweeping up dirt and dust from the floor which could be problematic - especially for those with allergies - when released into the atmosphere.
  • Plastic Snow FAQ

Paper Snow

Paper snow may be used for ground cover and set decoration. The cellulose dust from this particular type of snow makes it inappropriate for a snow drop. People should not roll or play in it either. Our paper snow would not sustain a flame when we tested it. Sold by the pound.

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Also Available - Biodegradable snow, made from cornstarch, is available by special order.

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