Let It Snow! Rentals, Sales, Snow . . .

Snow falling effects for stage, film production, display - make it snow!

Four Ways To Make It Snow Onstage

DMX Snow Machine

DMX Snow Machine - (use with plastic flakes) for the ultimate precision control and ease of operation. The DMX snow machine does not require any specific theatre/stage equipment - ie it can be used on a film set, in a display window, etc.

Snow Cradle

Snow Cradles - aka snow bags, or related solutions (use with plastic snow flakes) which require adjacent line sets typically found on traditional proscenium stage. More information about snow cradles and how they work.

Little Blizzard

Fluid-based Snow Machines - such as the CITC Little Blizzard, which use proprietary fluids to produce quick drying artificial flakes. Specially formulated fluids are available for a range of environments.

Snow Flake Gobo

Projected Snow - using lighting fixtures and effects loops.

Limelight Plastic Snow

Limelight Plastic Snow in 30 pound boxes is available for use in the DMX snow machine, snow cradles or other manual systems. Ideal for a snow drop or cradle, this snow floats like a dream. Plastic flakes are approximately 1/4". Limelight plastic snow will not sustain a flame, but like most plastics, this snow will melt under extreme heat. 1lb of snow cover approximately 18 sq. ft. to a depth of 1/2".

Snow Supplies From Limelight

  • Shredded plastic snow - the best flakes for theatrical use!
  • Paper snow (for display)
  • Muslin fabric for DIY (do it yourself) snow bag fabrication
  • Snow machine fluids in-stock
  • GAM Effects Snow Loops for sale (custom loops available as well)
  • Color Filters from Lee, Rosco and GAM in-stock to complete your wintry scene

Call 1.800.243.4950 / sales@limelightproductions.com


Dry Ice Foggers - Complete your winter scene with a dry ice fogger, including the City Theatrical Aqua Fogger, available for rent to produce a wintry low-lying fog.

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