Little Blizzard® Fluid-based Snow Machine

One "modern" solution to making snow on stage, or in a display or retail environment, is the fluid-based snow machine such as the Little Blizzard from CITC.

CITC Little Blizzard

When paired up with the Hurricane fan, the Little Blizzard creates the perfect storm - a continuous floating snow effect that evaporates on contact.

The Little Blizzard can be run for extended periods of time without overheating. It is insulated for noise control and has a flake size adjustment paddle, two-speed motor, remote control and DMX on-board.

Hurricane Fan

The Little Blizzard line of fluids creates an extremely dry flake that floats over long distances. The water content evaporates quickly leaving a beautiful falling flake that is dry to the touch and disappears after contact leaving no residue or mess.

  • May be run continuously
  • Adjustable flake size
  • Fluids available for a range of applications/distances/circumstances
  • Controls
    • DMX address, in/out 5-pin XLR
    • Remote volume on/off 5-pin XLR in/out
    • 2-speed switch
The Little Blizzard and Hurricane are available for rental or purchase.

Call 1.800.243.4950 /

Little Blizzard Fluid®

  • Super Extra Dry - For the lightest floating flakes possible with the driest flake in the industry. Water content evaporates leaving a light-floating snowflake. Perfect for shorter distances and dance floors. Flakes will travel 30' - 50'.
  • Extra Dry - Most popular snow fluid in the world! An extremely dry flake that floats long distances. Water content evaporates leaving a beautiful falling flake that is dry when you touch it and disappears on contact. Travels 50' - 70' (15m - 21m
  • LB-32° (0° C) - For outdoor freezing conditions, Extra Dry fluid that has been formulated so that it won't freeze above 28°F.
  • Dry - For very long distances - 50 to 99' - this dry fluid creates snowflakes that float a little longer, evaporating when they finally contact a surface
  • Dry 100 - For use in large concert venues where a fan is being used to cause snowflakes to fly over 100'.
  • Basic - For use outdoors or in areas were residue is not a concern to heavier, slow evaporating flakes. Lowest cost alternative.
  • UltraViolet - Made with Extra Dry Little Blizzard® Evaporative Fluid, this fluid is colorful when lit with UV, yet turns back to white when lit with white light. Available in light blue, light pink and bluish white.

More information including MSDS for the CITC Snow Fluids can be found on the CITC website.

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Little Blizzard in NYC display window.

Glimpse of location/installation details for display window effect.

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