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This Snow Machine combines DMX with advanced motor control to provide a quiet, precision controlled snow effect. The power feed pass through makes it possible to connect several machines in series.

DMX Snow Machine

  • A single 48" unit hung, above a set window, creates a perfect through-the-window snow scene.
  • Six or eight units hung along a batten create an impressive Nutcracker snowfall.
  • Hang a unit in front of a camera to film a snowy scene.
DMX Snow Machine
DMX Snow Machine

The 1600 DMX Snow Machine was originally developed to create a falling snow effect that was quiet and reliable enough to be used downstage of the proscenium line. This machine uses the same paper or plastic snow as other established snow effects, but with the advantage of DMX control of the machines speed, allowing remote control of the level of snowfall from none to blizzard.

  • May be hung via single or multiple hanging points
  • Speed range from 1 - 25 RPM
  • Quiet operation
  • Depending on speed settings, a full load of snow will last between 20 and 30 minutes
  • Controls
    • DMX512 in and out via 5P XLR
    • DMX address/stand alone controls via 3 BCD rotary switches
    • LED Pilot Light for power/DMX status
  • 48" long by 8" deep and 15" high
  • 28.5 pounds

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While the 1600 works with all standard types of dry artificial snow, we recommend Limelight snow for its small size and consistency.

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