Muslin Drops

Limelight fabricates muslin drops used for painted scenic backdrops as well as scrims, velour & duvetyne backdrops and vinyl projection surfaces.

We can fabricate muslin drops in virtually any size for use as a cyclorama or to be painted by a scenic artist. Flame retardant and non flame retardant materials are available. For those that wish to sew/fabricate their own muslin backdrops we sell both flame-retardant and non-treated muslin fabric, webbing, grommets, chain or weight tape, tie line and other necessary components.


In addition to muslin drops, we fabricate drops in a range of scrim fabrics including sharkstooth, filled and bobbinette, as well as other netting and novelty fabrics. When Sharkstooth Scrim is lit from the front at an oblique angle and the area behind the scrim is dark, the scrim appears to be opaque. When the scene behind the scrim is illuminated it becomes "visible" and if the lights on the front of the scrim are removed, the scrim becomes virtually "invisible."

Other Backdrops

Velour or (for smaller applications) duvetyne drops can be used as upstage backdrops, or midstage to divide a stage. In addition to the more traditional backdrops, we also offer vinyl surfaces for use with either front or rear projections.

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