Lighting & Effects Equipment Service

Preventative Maintenance, Trouble Shooting & Repairs

Limelight holds factory certification from most major dimming and control manufacturers including ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls), Strand and Genlyte Control Systems for Entertainment Technology.

Dimming and Control Systems

Limelight's ETCP Certified Electricians service and repair older, legacy dimming systems including manual single and multiple preset boards. We even service older autotransformer systems. testing software upgrades tuning to factory specifications repairs

Lighting Fixtures and Follow Spots

Limelight can provide replacement parts as well as professional maintenance for virtually any lighting fixture including HMI and older carbon arc follow spots.

Special Effects

Limelight can also service and repair fog machines and hazers, snow machines, color scrollers, moving light fixtures and controls, gobo rotators, scene projectors.

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Equipment Rentals & Sales

  • theatrical fixtures
  • film & video fixtures
  • dimmers
  • control
  • cable
  • adapters
  • dance floors
  • fog machines
  • mirror balls
  • strobes
  • follow spots
  • grip kits
  • intercoms
  • hardware
  • special effects
  • hampers for storage & transport
  • follow spots
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