ETC Prodigy Hoists & QuickTouch Controls

Prodigy™ hoists and QuickTouch™ controls set new standards for safety, design, and affordability.

ETC Prodigy™ Hoists do the heavy lifting

Lower and raise stage backdrops, curtains, lighting truss, projections screens, house lights, etc. at the touch of a button.

  • over-stage
  • front-of-house
  • height-restricted spaces
  • retrofitted spaces
  • architecturally sensitive spaces


Personnel stay on the ground while scenery, lighting gear, curtains and screens are raised and lowered via smart controls which meet or exceed industry standards.

Greater Flexibility

ETC Rigging™ -- with the smartest controls and automated hoists available, facilitates quick, affordable and safe solutions to varied, innovative productions, offering the kind of flexibility typically associated with an extensive and expensive architecture of catwalks.


Prodigy Hoists are able to transform sensitive, existing environments - whether a house of worship or a performance space in a repurposed building - discreetly adding modern rigging capabilities, flexibilty, convenience and safety otherwise unachieveable.

Labor Saving

Multipurpose spaces are effortlessly transformed between uses, quickly and without the need for additional personnel.

Savings for New Construction and Renovation

In addition to enhanced safety and lower operation costs, ETC Rigging offers significant upfront costs savings for both new construction and renovation projects

Multiple Applications

Prodigy Stage and FOH Electric

Stage and FOH Electrics (above) designed to handle and carry the load circuits via its unique Cable Management System.

Prodigy House Light Electric

Houselight Hoists (above) designed to accommodate the re-lamping and servicing of auditorium downlights and incorporate a simple but practical Cable Management System.

Prodigy General Purpose Hoist

General Purpose Hoists (above) raise and lower curtains and scenery pipe battens

Savings for New Construction and Renovation

In addition to enhanced safety and lower operation costs, ETC Rigging offers significant upfront costs savings for both new construction and renovation projects.

  • ETC Rigging does not require additional costly, steel beams because it can be installed on the same bar or web joists specified for the rest of your structure. The Prodigy Compression Tube absorbs and disperses the structural stress generated by other rigging systems.
  • Eliminates the costs associated with catwalks and loading galleries.
  • No additional ceiling heights required. Prodigy and the Cable Management System retract to 30 inches of compactness, facilitating rigging solutions in structures not originally designed for rigging. Other manufacturers' hoist systems typically require up to six feet of retraction space.
  • Lower labor and installation costs are acheived as smart details make it simpler to install and require fewer installers.

Prodigy & QuickTouch Safety-related System Features and Benefits:

  • Load brake innovation
  • Load cell technology
  • Slack Line Detector
  • Automatic self-test of safety functions
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards

All QuickTouch Controllers Feature:

  • LCD display of position, load and error messages
  • Load learning and load profiling
  • Third-position preset
  • Self-Test Safety Check at turn-on
  • Annual inspection alert message
  • Select buttons with illuminated color-coded status fields
  • E-Stop Circuit
  • Optional multiple E-Stop locations
  • Optional handheld remote control

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